Virtual Book Tours

Virtual Book Tours seems to be the best way to promote a book of any kind. Do any of you have thoughts on this? I am seriously considering it. It doesn’t even need to be a novel; it could be short stories or novellas or anything really. This is great considering I have yet to put my novel into writing.

So I have eBooks out there and they are selling pretty well, but still not enough to support my family. I need to change that. I am writing and publishing them for free, other than my time, so really it is straight profit from there. I don’t promote them though. Other than this blog, that I literally just started, and it is free, and twitter or Facebook.

So, I need to do some promoting for bigger sales while not taking food out of my family’s mouths. I need the best bang for my buck I guess. This thought brought me to Virtual Book Tours. The site that I am really looking into is Pump Up Your Book and the testimonials are very appealing.

Do any of you have experience with this? Is a three hundred-dollar investment worth it going this route? It sounds like it would be. I mean, just getting my name and the books name out into cyberspace should help, right? I have time to do interviews and guest blogging so that wouldn’t be a problem.

I found quite a few sites that do Virtual Book Tours, but there is just something about Pump Up Your Book that really has my attention. What do you all think? Like I have said before, this is all new to me so any and all advice will be taken seriously.

(and for the record, I have no affiliation with Pump Up Your Book in any way shape or form. I Googled “Virtual Book Tours” and that was just one of hundreds that came up.)

Thank you and I hope you all have a great day!!



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