I Am So Easily Distracted…

I hear about authors that have a hard time focusing once they are distracted. And they somehow end up with writer’s block. I can’t even imagine this happening to me and I hope that it never does.

I brought my office into the middle of the living room where it is full of distractions. I have realized that sitting in the quiet does nothing for my imagination. But here in the middle of it all, I am listening to my husband and kids chatting away, the tv going on about something and I am half paying attention while I am writing. But it is good, because I find myself very distracted about the story I am in the middle of writing and it makes me open a new tab and just start typing away about an amazing book idea.

In just a short time I have almost finished my novelette and have all of the ground work laid out for a new novel! All of the chapters and even the title and I have it all put together in my head. It is going to be amazing. And then I turn around and whip out a few of my Fiverr gigs and it feels amazing.

So from my own perspective; Bring on the distractions!!



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