I Have Many Opinions…

So, I was talking to my family yesterday and I was asking all of the “usual” author questions. Like, do you think anyone will like this book or is this subject long forgotten and stuff like that. Just second guessing myself every step of the way. But then my husband said something that has had my mind spinning all night long. He said, “Write about the “in” topics if you are worried about it.”

What? I am not writing the news. BORING! (lol) And then he went on to explain that right now a lot of people are interested in the school shootings and bullying and stuff like that. I was mortified. I was not going to write and make money off of such horrific things. That is just awful.

But then he went on to explain a few different things that he meant. And it did make sense. I do have many opinions on some of those subjects. But I am not an expert, per say. So does that give me the right to sell my opinion? I am not big on controversy either and some of my opinions would probably cause quite a stir. Have you ever done that? Do you ignore the nasty comments? I am so up in the air on this. But I do see me doing this, well, at least a few shorter books about my opinions in general, but I am not too sure about to what level I dare go.

Please share your opinion with me on this. Have you written about your opinions before? How did it go? Advice for me?

Thank you!!


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