How Do You Measure Success?

As a writer I am not sure when I would consider myself “successful”. Would it be when one of my books is featured in Oprah’s Book Club, or would it be when one person approaches me and tells me how much they love my writing? Both would make me feel really good inside, but I think “successful” would be the wrong word.

The feeling of satisfaction when I finish writing one of my favorites thus far is pretty good, but still not success. Is there a right answer? For a writer, I am not sure. I consider myself a work in progress. My thoughts are always changing which means that I am still learning. How could I be successful if I am not even done yet?

Trust me, I would love the feeling of one of my books being well-known world-wide, not to mention the money, what an amazing stepping stone that would be. But I know myself enough to know that I wouldn’t stop there. I would keep going and try to keep improving.

How do you all measure success? Can you admit success even if you are still trying to improve? And I mean in anything, not just writing. I am anxious to see all of your thoughts. Maybe it will help me re-evaluate my own.



3 thoughts on “How Do You Measure Success?

  1. In my opinion only you can judge how successful you are. When you reach your aims. Finishing a book, someone you don’t know reading it, 100 sales, 1000 sales. When you reach it you are successful. Still a work in progress, but still successful.

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