Writing with Emotions or Emotions while Writing

For all of you that write stories that would probably cause emotion while reading, do you get emotional while writing? This may sound silly to many of you, but I am serious.

I do a lot of story writing for individuals and a lot of them turn into novella’s or novels and let me tell you what, when I am deep into it, I can really feel it emotionally. Sometimes I just need to take a break because writing a sad situation for the character can be really hard. But also, on the flip side, I am very happy and peppy when all is happy in my writing world.

My mood is, or at least, can be, swayed deeply by the type of writing that I am doing. Last night I finished up a novella that I didn’t want to end. So as I was creating the ending, I actually made it so we could add sequels if we wanted to later.

It is these mood swings while writing that has kept me from writing anything too scary. When I was younger my all-time favorite author was Stephen King, but at my age now, I literally get too scared to keep reading. So, it has held me back from writing in that genre. Even my paranormal writing is usually romance or something due to this.

I am guessing that all authors get emotionally involved in their writing, but to what extent? I mean, I won’t let any of it ruin my day or anything. But the ups and downs really keep my heart open and raw. I think that is a good thing, but just looking to see others views on this.


3 thoughts on “Writing with Emotions or Emotions while Writing

  1. When I wrote a part in my story where a character died, it made me really sad. Taking the time to write and develope a character and then having them die, even if it’s the best thing for plot development, it’s really heart-breaking.

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