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Good morning everyone! I have a question for you all and I don’t want anyone to laugh at me, BUT, when you are asked to be a guest blogger on someone else s blog with no “topic”, per say, what on earth do you write about?

Some blogs have pretty specific reasons for inviting you, but others?? What does an elderly person write on a mommy blog? Or a disabled person write on a hiking blog? These questions just keep running through me and I know that I shouldn’t even be worrying about stuff like this, and I don’t “worry”, I just think about.

Do they give you topic choices? Is there a rule of thumb to go by if they don’t? I am just curious. I had someone telling me that she was going to invite me to be a guest blogger on her site…but I have no idea what her blog is about. So I just want to be prepared just in case it is something I am not familiar with.

Thank you for all of your input. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Guest Bloggers…

  1. They should, at the very least, give you an idea of their readership. For example, my readers are largely women over the age of 30 who reside in the US, UK, Canada, etc. This would give insight into the type of topics that would be relevant and timely. Alternatively, some bloggers have media kits that you can check or list who their readers are and what their blogs are all about under Advertising/PR. 🙂 Even further, some have editorial schedules they stick to. I found this out the hard way this week. Had a piece declined because it did not tie into their January editorial calendar. Welllll, I didn’t know you had one and you never mentioned it. LOL

    • WOW!! Thank you Crystal. That is great information, and I am glad to hear that you will usually have a general idea.
      So this woman will most likely send me something to at least show me her blog and the topics in general. Good to know and thank you for sharing!!

  2. I believe in case this girl won’t come up with any introductory information for you to get familiarised with her blog, you should just read her most read entries and analyse what was the kind of people who left a comment below them. That way, you could get yourself an idea of that web’s readership.

    • Thank you, and I do plan on it. I happen to run into her in person and we got talking and she asked if I would be a guest blogger, but then we got side tracked and never discussed what her blog was about. But as soon as she does I will be researching!! Thank you!!

  3. I think I would write about something that relates to the person’s blog! For example a Grandmother writing on a new Mothers blog could write about their expirance when they first became a mother!
    If you don’t know what her blog is about and perhaps it’s a general blog just write about something general that you think she’d enjoy? Maybe if she has a light hearted blog maybe something simple like a cute story
    however, it is possible she wants you to blog about what you blog about? As a way to show other people about your blog and to bring new readers to both yours and hers blog?

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