Print Books or eBooks?

I woke up this morning wondering what your thoughts on the type of book that you prefer to publish would be. I have mixed feelings and possibly because print books seem so foreign to me.

So I have been writing since I was a child, but it was just for fun. There was so much involved to actually get a book published. Money, a big name and talent. I honestly didn’t think it would ever happen for me because I didn’t feel I had any of those things.

So when the eBooks came out, I had a little bit of hope. Then self publishing became popular and little people like me could do it for free! What? I could publish a book for free? Anyone could? This is crazy to say the least.

Of course, I got to work and put some eBooks out there. And they actually made some money. WOW!! That was without any advertising or marketing involved at all. This was great. But wait, I am missing something…

I walk into my local Barnes and Noble and there is no red carpet rolled for me. Not one of my books are on their shelves and not one person recognizes me. What the??? And then I remembered…I wrote eBooks, not print books. Hmmmm How did I feel about this?

In reality, it didn’t matter to me at all. I just love to write. And I know that the ones that did buy my eBook, actually liked it and wanted to read more from me because of my writing, not because of my advertising. So that made me feel great.

I mean, ya, we all would love to drive by our big book stores and see the cardboard cut outs of ourselves in the display windows, but we really like it more when someone reads something we have written and enjoy it. At least I do.

So back to the point here, obviously I am only familiar with self-publishing eBooks and would have no idea where to even start to go through an actual publisher and get a physical book printed. Is it expensive? Is it hard to be chosen or does everyone get a chance? Please share your wisdom with the rest of us.



14 thoughts on “Print Books or eBooks?

  1. Well, if you want to get a traditional publisher, you’ll need to find an agent first. Not gonna lie, it’s REALLY hard to find an agent, especially now that self-publishing is taking off. Traditional publishers are taking on fewer and fewer clients. But still, new authors get picked up every day, so why can’t it be you? Google something like “literary agents” and see what comes up. You’ll have to send them a query letter, which basically says who you are, what your book is, and why the agent should represent you. And then once you get an agent, they’ll hook you up with a publisher.

    Alternatively you could just publish a print version yourself. I think is one of the big print-on-demand companies — again, Google “print on demand” and see what comes up. The only downside with this is A) the books usually aren’t as good quality, although they’re still perfectly decent, and B) you still won’t see your book on a physical bookshelf. The only way to do that if you self-publish is to go to a local bookstore with book in hand, find the manager, and ask if they will stock your book for you.

    Hopefully you’ll find something in my rambles that’s of use!

  2. You can now print real paper books almost as easily as ebooks through companies such as Createspace and Lulu. As they print on demand, there is almost no initial cost, which is great!

  3. The eBooks vs print is a big general debate. While I can read eBooks on my iPhone, it becomes very hard after a while. My eyes get tired. For me, personally, I try to stick with print. I like the sound of a cracking spine, the smell of the pages, and just the fact that I can stand back and look at my bookshelves to see all I’ve accumulated. But I can definitely see how eBooks can be convenient, and there are authors who’ve become quite successful with it. But if you want to publish a print book, I’d say first find an agent or a publishing house that will let you self-publish. That’s all I know. Hope I could be of some help. :]

  4. Hi, can I say this article is very interesting to me!! I have been writing since I was a child, writing will always be a big part of my spirit. Could you give me some advice about publishing your own ebook? I’d like to publish a book to fund-raise money to get me back in college. I just turned 20 and live in the country. Thanks for your add, I look forward to your reply – S.S.

    • I certainly can!! I have a PDF that goes through every single step to manually do your own (that I will need to dig up tomorrow) but I cheat and go through and they are so easy to get any book up and going and they distribute to all of the popular eBook sellers like Amazon, Sony, epub, Barnes & Noble and on and on. Good luck on your fundraiser. The hardest thing for me is waiting three months or so to see how many books I have sold, unless of course you are lucky enough to sell them right from their site.

  5. If I were going to self-publish I would do e-book only. (Which may turn out to be the case, but I will try the old-fashioned approach at least till I’m on the verge of collapse.)

    I was a late-comer into e-readership, but I got a Kindle as a gift and now it’s indispensible. I read about 50 / 50 e-book to print books at the moment.

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