Alright, so we have written our book, designed our cover, self-published or had it published and now all we need to do is sit back watch them sell like hot-cakes? Ya, no, I didn’t think so. There needs to be some marketing somewhere.

Personally, I have yet to pay for marketing because I am very cheap. But I know that I need to for my book that I am working on. Duh, if I am going to be in Oprah’s Book Club, then I need Oprah to actually see my book, right? But how? What is the most bang for your buck in the world of books?

I have friends that are marketing Queens, but me…I am not even a marketing pawn. The best that I have is this blog that automatically sends posts to my Facebook and Twitter. Yup, that is it. I know, I know, you are so very surprised that you have never heard of me. I know, me too. ha ha ha Kidding aside, I need some serious marketing advice.

I am willing to put out a little bit of money for my book, but I want to make it count. I know there isn’t a guarantee of sales or anything, but I would like to get it in front of people’s faces that would actually consider buying it. I have mentioned the virtual book tour previously and am thinking that will run me about $299.00. So if you guys think that I could do better somewhere else for that kind of money, then please share with me. And I am not very familiar with some of the marketing terms, so please keep that in mind and keep it simple for me! 😉

Thank you all very much!.


7 thoughts on “Marketing

  1. First up: I’m happy to carry a “guest post” about your book on my blog – no charge! That would also mean it being broadcast across my Facebook “friends” and Twitter “followers” automatically. If you’re interested – just let me know 😉

    Secondly, I suggest you shop around – there are many folk who organise blog tours – and the costs vary wildly – from zero to way too much. It really is worth doing your homework first. If you’re not already a member of LinkedIn, I suggest you join and browse the groups that discuss blog tours.

    Cheers 🙂

  2. I work at an independent bookshop and I can tell you that we are overwhelmed with the number of self-published authors trying to sell their books in our store, along with the number of offers to do a signing. Events and signings are expensive and stores shoulder a lot of the cost and time of publicity and preparation. I can’t speak for anyone else, but as the event and marketing coordinator of my store, I can tell you that I would gladly welcome an author volunteering to guest write a few posts on our store’s blog. It’s good publicity for them and it means I get a couple of days off. I’d also be open to an event, if the author(s) indicated from the beginning that they would help create and distribute publicity. I’d be even more excited if they had planned a few activities for the event. Come up with something creative that taps into the interests of the community. Basically, I want to know that the author is as invested in their event as they expect the store to be.

    It’s good that you are asking these questions. I hope more self-published authors follow suit.

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