Looking for Five Authors…

I have joined a free book tour so to speak. I have already been tagged in a post, and now it is my turn to answer some questions and do the same. The details are below, but I am looking for five authors who would like to participate. If I don’t get any responses here, I am adding it to Goodreads tomorrow and the rest of the spots will be filled. So, if you are interested, act fast. Thank you and here are more details:

“You may  be interested in the Next Big Thing (NBT) author chain blog. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s 10 questions about your work in progress and then you tag 5 other authors to answer the same questions. And they tag 5 others. And so on.

It’s useful in several ways. NBT posts by those 5 you tagged will have a link back to you with their thanks. So you increase traffic and exposure from their readers. And it connects you with other writers that you tag — consider asking at least one writer you don’t know well to join you in the chain. It can expand your network. And, it helps you look at your work in progress in a different way.

Finally, it indirectly exposes your current book that you’re marketing while directly exposes you as a serious writer who has another ms in progress. If anyone wants to check it out, I’ll post a link here to my NBT post.”


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