February Writing Competition

(my apologies for sending this post right after the other one, but I will be away from my computer until tomorrow night. I wanted everyone to be ready for the two-week competition)

Valentine’s Day Writing Competition is under way! I want everyone to enter to win. It is free and it is for absolutely any genre. So easy and so much fun!! Show me what you got.

Rules: Please have it somehow be about Valentine’s Day in any form you would like. Keep writing to 1000 words or less. Post the story on your own blog or Facebook page, or wherever else you want it and then come here and write the title, genre and your link directly to the story. (If you do not have a blog or whatever, then please just post it in the comments, but not erotica please. As much as most of us enjoy that, my site isn’t restricted, so I wouldn’t want the younger ones to stumble onto it without warning.)

Take a few minutes to read through the stories and give a thumbs up to the ones that you would like to see win. You can “like” any of them, but only the “thumbs up” will count as actual votes.

This is for fun, but do also keep in mind that we are offering small cash prizes for the most votes. Poetry, romance, fiction, YA, erotica (with a warning in the title, genre and link comment) mystery, horror or absolutely anything you want. Just write something and tell us where to find it. I will do my best at spreading the word for all of you to help get as many votes as possible.

I won’t be near a computer until tomorrow night and I will be very excited to see who has participated!! Make me proud!!

12 thoughts on “February Writing Competition

  1. Hi Angela! I look forward to posting for your challenge, but I am new to WordPress. Is there a magic way to comment here and link back to my blog post, or do I just cut and paste the web address for my post into the comment here on your blog in this particular post? Sorry for the dumb question. You seem open to questions and I thought it would be easiest just to ask you!

    • There is no such thing as a dumb question!!! So yes all you need to do is post your story on your blog, then once it is posted, just copy and paste it into the comments here along with your title and genre (and marked as adult if inappropriate for children). That is it. If you have a hard time, just tell me once it is posted at your site and I will do it for you…or at least look and see what the problem is. Thank you. I am looking forward to reading it!!

  2. Week in Review « Waiting on a Word

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