February Writing Competition

(my apologies for sending this post right after the other one, but I will be away from my computer until tomorrow night. I wanted everyone to be ready for the two-week competition)

Valentine’s Day Writing Competition is under way! I want everyone to enter to win. It is free and it is for absolutely any genre. So easy and so much fun!! Show me what you got.

Rules: Please have it somehow be about Valentine’s Day in any form you would like. Keep writing to 1000 words or less. Post the story on your own blog or Facebook page, or wherever else you want it and then come here and write the title, genre and your link directly to the story. (If you do not have a blog or whatever, then please just post it in the comments, but not erotica please. As much as most of us enjoy that, my site isn’t restricted, so I wouldn’t want the younger ones to stumble onto it without warning.)

Take a few minutes to read through the stories and give a thumbs up to the ones that you would like to see win. You can “like” any of them, but only the “thumbs up” will count as actual votes.

This is for fun, but do also keep in mind that we are offering small cash prizes for the most votes. Poetry, romance, fiction, YA, erotica (with a warning in the title, genre and link comment) mystery, horror or absolutely anything you want. Just write something and tell us where to find it. I will do my best at spreading the word for all of you to help get as many votes as possible.

I won’t be near a computer until tomorrow night and I will be very excited to see who has participated!! Make me proud!!

Agents and Publishing…

What a brain over load!! I found a new website, well, not new, but new to me, that has a ton of information for writers. ( http://www.writersdigest.com ) And while looking through there, I found a section on literary agents and publishers.

I have been researching all through this stuff and my mind is spinning. I have been doing self publishing because of all of the talk about how hard it is to get an agent and to be published. But in all of this reading, it seems as though it is easier than I thought. (not to actually be accepted, but the process in itself)

Is it just me? I guess I never did the proper research and just went by what I was told. But I mistook people saying how hard it was, thinking they were meaning the whole process, not just getting accepted. I am still in the research process, so I am sure I will discover more, but my question to all of you is where does the money come in?

Self publishing has no up-front costs and from the looks of it, sending your work to an agent doesn’t either. When and where does the up-front costs come from? I am just curious.

I will not be near a computer until tomorrow night, but I will be curious to see what you all think. Thank you and have a great night.

Oh gosh – PS-The writing competition starts tomorrow. I have only changed one thing. Instead of it running through the entire month, I think I will have it end on Valentine’s Day instead.

My Secret Success…

You all have been so great and helpful to me, that I thought that it was my turn to try to share something useful and hopefully helpful with you. I am not just referring to my writing, but to life in general.

When I put my mind to something, within reason, I focus on it and I practice it until I perfect it. I choose my battles. I have the right attitude. What? Did she just say attitude? Yes, yes I did. Attitude is half the battle.

Positivity is very powerful. I can’t express this enough. I read a book years ago that helped me keep the right attitude. I had a lot going on in my life and I wasn’t feeling very positive at all. But, I took the advice of a friend and I read, “Today Matters” by John C Maxwell. It reiterated what I already knew and got me back on track. This book still sits on my desk to this day. I don’t even need to read it again, just seeing it sitting there is a great reminder.

I used to write articles and business crap, but I really didn’t like it. Once I discovered that I love to write from my imagination, I blossomed! Seriously, if I have to “research” something to write about it, I am probably not having fun. Unless of course, it is something I want to know more about.

This attitude change really affects my writing, which also affects my success. People don’t buy as many of the books that I wrote without passion, but the ones that I had a blast writing sell the best.

I used to think that for me, writing is writing, but that is so far from true. I get rid of all of the negatives out of my head and I take on the day as if I am already a millionaire. Am I? Absolutely not. Do I believe that I will be some day? Yes, actually. I do.

The power of belief is so strong. I live and breathe belief and positivity.

In my life I have other things that I consider my successes. My marriage for one. I have been with my husband for over twenty years. My children are amazing. They are great, considerate and kind young adults. I didn’t get lucky, I did a great job raising them.

Nobody can take your positive attitude away from you. It is yours to do what you want with. Use it wisely.

I want you all to have a great day and really think about the things that you just read. No excuses.

My Freelance Ride…

Hey Everyone,I have decided to fill you all in on what I have done / am doing for freelance work, and which ones has made me the most money.

About a year and a half ago I was new to all of this and pretty clueless. I started a personal blog http://mycrazyfamilylife.wordpress.com and just used it like a diary. I had no idea what I was doing…at all.

One of my followers introduced me to http://www.examiner.com . I applied and was accepted. My follower earned $50 bucks and I was on a path to earning some money.

I learned from Examiner about another writing site, Yahoo! Contributor Network, so I started writing for them as well. (no $50 referral bonuses there though)

Money was slow, so I was still looking and I found http://www.freelancer.com . Boy, I kind of hit the jackpot with that one. I was making pretty good money writing different types of things for different people.

I then found http://www.elance.com and that looked a lot like Freelancer so I just looked…never did any jobs.

Now that I was getting the hang of “ghost writing” I was taking on more and more jobs. One day I sat back and looked at how many hours a day I was working and what I was getting paid. It made me pretty sad. I started feeling that I was worth quite a bit more for the time I was putting in.

I then realized that all of my ghost writing was being sold as ebooks everywhere and were selling like hot cakes!! Are you serious? My actual name wasn’t on them anywhere, hence, “ghost writing”. That was a little depressing.

I decided that if I am writing them, then I could find a way to publish them too. I did research and more research and found great information on it, and just as I was about to start the whole process, I found http://www.booktango.com . That was the best site that I have found to date. I write stories (the only requirement is that they need to be at least 2500 words or more) , I pick a cover and BAM, it is all published on all of the big sites like Amazon.

I write the story once and have residual income. The checks just keep coming in. I absolutely love it. So, since it takes like three months to get a check, I did some more research and found http://www.fiverr.com . I set up a gig to write 500 to 800 words for a personal story and have made decent money doing that. It is still not real-time affective, but they are quick and easy stories and I just love doing them. The experience in itself is priceless.

So that is where I am at. I am now writing my first novel to have self-published and am hoping that it will take off as well as some of my other short story ebooks.

That is it, you now know where I have been for the past year and how I have earned money. If you have any questions at all, just ask. 🙂

I Was Nominated for Another Award – The Liebster Award!

Liebster Award


Angela’s World of Writing (that is me) has been nominated for a Liebster Award by one of my amazing fans Luke Manion over at Blue 88 !!!

Thank you very much!!

I hope everyone takes a moment to appreciate each and every award they are nominated for and pays it forward to the next deserving blogger.

The rules are:

1) Post eleven facts about yourself.

2) Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create eleven questions for people you’ve nominated.

3) Choose eleven people (with fewer than 200 followers) to give this award to and link them in your post.

4) Go to their page and tell them.

5) Remember, no tag backs.


Oh gosh, do you really want to know eleven things about me? I will try not to bore you to death. Ok, here goes nothing…

1)      I am turning the BIG 40 in May. Six months ago I was scared of it, but now I say, “Bring It ON!”

2)      I was a teen Mamma. J

3)      My goal is to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary in Hawaii with my hubby. (I have three years to make it happen!!!)

4)      My best friend and I are complete opposites in every single way and that makes me love her all the more!!

5)      I was born and raised in Maine and I will always keep this as my home. (I want to travel, but I don’t want to live where there are things that can kill me…poisonous snakes, scorpions or spiders. YIKES!!!)

6)      I started dating my “now” husband when I was 14yrs old. (Holy macaroni and cheese!!)

7)      I am addicted to water!!! I love it! Not the yucky flavored stuff either, straight from the well, country water!! (after my two to three cups of coffee in the am, of course)

8)      I was born to be rich and have a maid. I am not a fan of cooking or cleaning but yet, I love to eat and I love having a clean house. (But I would be so super nice to my maid…I really would. :-))

9)      My husband, my kids and I can sit around and laugh for hours. We are a pretty funny crew…a little crude, maybe, but funny just the same.

10)  I am not big on taking orders. I don’t mind suggestions though. Lol

11)  I would love to have a big house and have my kids live with me forever. With their own families, and with our maid of course.


And my nominations are:














My questions, from my nominator: (Not the questions for you to answer…like I did…by mistake)

1) What hours of the day do you usually sleep? I try to be asleep by eleven at night and wake up anywhere between six and eight in the am.

2) If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Maine!!!

3) Who is your favorite actor/actress? Sandra Bullock

4) In your opinion, what would be the worst way to die? Fire, I am so scared of fire.

5) How many glasses of water do you drink daily? At least a million; no, seriously, maybe between 4 & 6 – 20oz bottles of water a day.

6) How many hours a day are you on social media sites? At least twelve. Dead serious. This is how I make a living.

7) What is your favorite zoo animal? Honestly, I have only been to the zoo once. It was when my kids were little and the female lion I thought was beautiful, until she saw my son. He was four and she wanted him…bad! He was hiding behind us while the zoo people tried to calm her down. They said that they had never seen her act like that. She wanted my baby!!!

8) What are your first memories? My grandmother in the hospital dying when I was like four. L

9) What was the name of your High School team mascot? RAM!!

10) Do you speak other languages besides English? Yes, it is called Mainer slang.

11) What is your favorite band? AC/DC


(You are not even going to believe what I just did. I answered the wrong eleven questions. BLAH!! Oh well, I posted them below anyway. Read or delete – no sweat off of my back.)


1) Who is your favorite author? Stephen King

2) What would you do if you found a wallet full of money and you knew who had lost it? Um, obviously drool over the money and then send a text to them letting them know I was holding it hostage. J

3) What would be the one wish that you’d possibly choose as your last one? Perfect health for my loved ones!!

4) Your favorite movie? Hmmm, there are so many. Any movie that makes me feel like I am going to pee my pants from laughing so hard would be my best.

5) Your favorite book? The one I am writing – The Will

6) Who is your favorite singer? Johnny Cash

7) Your favorite place? Jackman, Maine

8) Are you in favor of a dog or a cat…..or simply no pet at all? CATS!!!! Ha ha just kidding. In my house I have two BIG dogs, a husky/white wolf mix (Jasmine) and a boxer (Cooper) and we have three kitties, all black one, Tipsy (hubby’s cat), all black with white paws and a little white under her chin, long-haired, Himalayan look, Sophie (my baby) and a grey and black striped Maine Coon cat, Boots (my daughters baby). I love them all, but cats are just easier. J

9) If you and your friend were dying and you could save either one, who would you save? Well, that depends on which friend. Ha I would do the right thing. Oh, is that still not answering the question? Sorry, ya, ya I would save her.

10) What is it that you like to do when you are free? WRITE!!!!

11) Your favorite thing? (It could be anything ranging from money to food.) Money and food!! JK, I would probably have to say WRITING!!



And now, my questions for the future award winners:

1)      Choose a movie title that would best describe your life:

2)      What was your most embarrassing moment?:

3)      Which way does your toilet paper hang on the wall?:

4)      What is the one thing that you could tell us about yourself that would shock us to know?:

5)      What is the most unusual thing that has happened to you while on vacation?:

6)      What would you be willing to do for a million dollars?:

7)      What is your favorite genre of movies?:

8)      What is your favorite genre of books?:

9)      Are you a player or more of a long-term relationship type?:

10)  Kids or no kids?:

11)  What is your favorite thing to do in your down time?:


Thanks again to Luke at Blue 88 for the nomination…

And thanks to everyone who follows Angela’s World of Writing!


First Writing Challenge

Alright, so the thought of a writing challenge seemed to go over pretty well. I have been giving this some thought and I think I am ready to start it off. I have come up with some rules to make it fun and interesting that I think will make it fair for all.

Bare with me though, because when I say “I have given it some thought” that means that I have run a million ideas through my head and these are the ones that stood out. But they may not make sense once I put them in writing. lol So please let me know if I am writing gibberish and I will try to clarify.

For each challenge, I will pick either a topic or a genre and a word limit, then it will be up to you to write it and post it on your blog or wherever it is you want it and then come back here and in the “comment” section write the title and the link that will take them to the writing piece.

Everyone will be able to go through and check out all of the stories. But the challenge will be (and I haven’t completely come up with an easy way to do this yet) to see how many votes that you get. I don’t mean how many “likes” you get on your own site, but how many of your fans are willing to take the next step and come back here and give ME their vote for you. Does that make sense? I have a small reward that I will be offering up each month for the winner. And when I say small, I mean small. It is coming out of my own pocket here, so don’t get greedy.

We all love to read and write and that is why we are all here. So won’t it be nice to just have fun for a change? It will still give you great exposure, possibly earn you ten or twenty bucks or so, all while you are just playing.

How does this sound? Should we do it? Yes, YES!! Let’s Do It!!!!


This contest will run from February 1st through February 28th, 2013.

Prize winners will be chosen by how many votes they get on here, not on your own site.

First challenge: Topic – Valentine’s Day

Genre: ANY (but please, if it contains adult content that may be offensive, mark it as such when you leave a comment to tell me where to find it. Thank you.)

Word Count:One thousand words or less.


The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing

A while back I was tagged by L.M. Steel that resides in England, author of her newest WIP (work in progress)”Wedding in Paradise”, which was inspired by actual events. The family traveled to Thailand back in 2010 for her sister’s wedding and the events that took place could not be made up. L.M. Steel (Lee) just had to put it into writing.

You can find her blog and more information on how to get your hands on this hilarious read and all of her others by visiting: http://lmsteel1.wordpress.com/
Authors everywhere are taking part in this fun game that promotes an about-to-be-published book and also introduces writers to a broader reader network!

Here are my answers for the tag:

1. What is your working title of your book? The title of the book that I am writing now is “The Will”.
2. Where did the idea come from for the book? Actually, that is the crazy thing about me. I start talking or even thinking about something, anything, and then someone in my family talks to me and then the dogs or cats do something, my mind wanders and BAM I have a new idea for a book.
3. What genre does your book fall under? The genre is fiction with some drama and suspense.
4. Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition? Hmmmm, this is a good question. I would like to say that Angelina Jolie would play Jenny, but she is too tall. I picture my main character being very petite, so maybe Reese Witherspoon.
5. What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book? Secrets and lies have torn this family apart ever since the reading of the will; as the true reality of what happened in the past slowly unwinds will it be too late to change anything, or has the damage already been done? (That was supposed to be two sentences, but I cheated and made into one!! Lol)
6. Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency? It will be self-published for sure.
7. How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript? First draft took maybe a month or two. Second draft…much, much longer. Ha ha
8. What other books would you compare this story to within your genre? I can’t think of one right off the top of my head, but if you can imagine a family that is involved is secrets, lies and greed than that is what it would be.
9. Who or what inspired you to write this book? My family is my inspiration for everything.
10. What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest? Well, I am hoping that everything about it does, but if I had to narrow it down, I would say that absolutely anyone can relate to the storyline. I tried to make it not just for women, not just for men and not just for adults per say either. I am going to go out on a limb here and say to go ahead and just read it and then form your own opinion. J

(Include the link of who tagged you and this explanation for the people you have tagged.
Be sure to line up your five people in advance.)

First Tag – P.S. Mokha:

Available in bookshops across New Zealand, The Last Sanctuary as a young adult novel as epic as the country in which it was written. A traditional fairytale brought up to date in modern London, it is full of humour and adventure that adults will love and 10-14 year olds will REALLY love.

Check out the trailer at


And see the independent reviews at


A bit about me – I was born and raised in London. Like millions of others, I spent my early working life commuting into the city and reading books on trains. The books often transported me further and to more interesting places than the trains. Currently living in the timeless and rugged beauty of the New Zealand wilds, I am miles away from mains water, street lighting and other distractions so I can concentrate on completing book two of the series.

Coming soon – The Fall of Refuge.

Second Tag Geza Tatralleyay:


Born in Budapest, Hungary, Geza escaped with his family in 1956 during the Hungarian Revolution, immigrating to Canada the same year. He grew up in Toronto, attending the University Of Toronto Schools, where he was School Captain. He graduated from Harvard University with a BA in Human Ecology in 1972 (after taking a break in his studies to work as a host in the Ontario Pavilion at Expo’70 in Osaka, Japan). Geza was selected as a Rhodes Scholar from Ontario, attending Oxford University and graduating with a BA/MA in Human Sciences in 1974; he completed his studies with a MSc in Economics from London School of Economics and Politics in 1975. Geza represented Canada as an épée fencer in the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal.
Geza’s professional experience has included stints in government (Department of Finance, Canada), international organizations (Inter-American Development Bank), commercial / investment banking (Royal Bank of Canada), private equity (MAVA Capital in Hungary) and environmental entrepreneurship (Vertis Environmental Finance). Since 2004, he has been semi-retired, managing a few investments mainly in the clean energy sector and devoting himself to his family, travel and writing. Geza is a citizen of Canada and Hungary, with an American wife, a daughter living in New York and a son in London, and currently divides his time between Bordeaux, France, and Barnard, Vermont, with frequent visits to Montreal, Toronto, New York, Vienna and London.


Sophie, My Dear (short story translation from Hungarian), in Saturday Night, October, 1977

A Wanderer’s Evensong (after Goethe), Quarry, Summer, 1983, Volume 32/3

Dawn Dreams, American Poetry Anthology, Spring/Summer, 1983, Vol.II, No. 1-2

Echoes, Pierian Spring, Autumn, 1983

Autumnal Question, Quarry, Winter, 1984, Volume 33/1

Let’s Give Business An Incentive It Understands (with A.J. Cassils), Globe & Mail, October 21, 1988

Portfolio Pollution, The Greenhouse Gas Risk Factor, (with P. Bodnar), The RMA Journal, June, 2003

Arctic Meltdown, e-published on Amazon and www.smashwords.com, December, 2011″

I am now actively trying to market “Arctic Meltdown” since the topic of polar ice cap melt is appearing almost daily in the media. I have also completed another novel “Twisted Reasons” that I am looking to get published — first trying the traditional publishing industry, and if that doesn’t work will e-publish myself.

Third Tag – Laura Libricz

Writer, mother, factory worker, Laura Libricz loves to write. She earned a BA in German at The College of New Paltz, NY in 1991 and moved to Germany, where she resides with her husband and two grown children. Her first historical novel, The Master and the Maid, is the first book of the Heaven’s Pond’s Trilogy and is now available. The second book, The Soldier’s Return, is scheduled to be released in October 2013.

For more information: http://www.lauralibricz.com

Fourth Tag – Anita Lewis:

My book Fluffy, Funny, and Fabulous: A Tale of Five Sisters was released on 12-18-2012. So far it has done very well and we have received some very nice comments back. It is about the tales of 5 sisters from a small town, talking about our experiences growing up, losing our parents, and the strength of sisters.Our website is www.thefivesisters.net and we are GoodRead authors. The book is available through our publisher, Tate Publishing, at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, IndieBooks, Books a Million, and many more.

Fifth Tag – Onomé Okwuosa

I’m a freelance writer/author currently writing my first book; Forgetting My First Time.  It’s an erotic novel where the characters are stuck in ruts and the only way to get out of their own ways is to spread their legs, sneak around and generally shag their ways to enlightenment. Thankfully it’s not an over-saturation of sex in sentences for behind the curtains of each steamy scene is a real person trying to remember what life is supposed to feel like minus the drudgery, rules and regulations.

You can follow Onome on twitter here: https://twitter.com/WileyWizdom


Writing and re-writing…

Are you all ready for my dilemma of the day? I am in the process of writing my first novel (for myself) and I am four or five chapters into it, when my random imagination takes a turn and has me going back to re-write the first chapter. Do you know what that means? It means that it changed everything.

Is this normal? I am basically starting from scratch again. The same basic idea is there, and the gist of the book is the same, but how it all unravels is completely different.

I am going to save the chapters that are already written to see if they will fit in later, but I have a feeling that they won’t. I laugh at myself because when I am ghost writing I never have this problem. I wonder what the difference is? Maybe I care more and really, really want this to be a good read. I don’t know. Because I really do care when I am writing for others, but this just seems different.

Please tell me what you all think. Am I crazy or do a lot of you do the same thing?