Filtering in Fiction

How many of us do this? I do. I don’t like it, but at least I know that is something I need to work on. Does everyone know what it means?

The most basic form of a filter is when the writer tells the reader that a characters sees, hears, smells, feels (as in the sense of touch), or tastes something. A related, and slightly more nuanced filter, is when the writer tells the reader that a character notices, realizes, recognizes, or feels (as in an emotion) something.

So once you know that you are doing it, how hard is it to correct it? Hopefully not hard at all. I am guessing that once the problem is known, we watch for it, we are more aware, right? I just figured it out tonight, so I am not sure yet. But I am hoping when I get a chance to write again I will be picking up on it.

Have any of you ever been told that you are filtering too much? I would love to hear comments about it!!



Tonight’s topic is editing. How do you all go about this? I am horrible and very rarely ever even re-read what I have written, never mind have it edited, and I know that I will need to for my upcoming novel. So, how do we go about this?

Have some friends do it for free? Pay someone? Look on-line for people? I seriously have no idea. But I have been checking out a site that will post my book for free, but it needs to be edited by an “acceptable” editor. Acceptable? I am guessing that means not to have my children edit it, but who would they consider acceptable?

As always, all input is welcome!!! Thank you. 🙂