Spur of the Moment Suicide Poem

Waking up that morning was supposed to be normal

I wasn’t expecting the conversation to be so formal

Your brother is dead, he shot himself last night

What? Are you kidding me? I asked as I squinted in the light

I sat in silence for I don’t know how long

Was this just a dream? Did I hear them wrong?

The next few hours were just a blur

Until I saw my brother’s son looking so sweet and pure

He was only three and didn’t have a clue

But I lost it when I saw him right out of the blue.

I couldn’t stop crying, I was falling apart

I didn’t say a word; I didn’t know where to start

My brain went numb and I just went through the motion

I had a baby to protect from the commotion

She would never get to know her uncle Brian

But maybe it will save her a lot of cryin

He was such a good person that took a wrong road

I wish I could have helped to lighten his load.

Suicide leaves family with a lot of guilt and sadness

It takes forever to get through the madness.

I have two more brothers that are still alive

I pray for them so they can thrive

My heart goes out to my mother

She lost her son, a pain like no other.

Time will heal all wounds they say

It has been twenty-one years and it still feels like yesterday

All of the feelings are not front and center driving me mad

But they are always there and they always make me sad.

I remember the good things about him and how he made me laugh a lot

When I am sad I look back at those happy memories and they really hit the spot.

So during the day when you’re feeling down

Think of the best times with your loved one and laugh like a clown!


Sharing Stories…

I have a thought about sharing stories and I would love to hear all of your opinions. I follow another blog that has challenges and stuff for people to get interested in doing this. What do you all think?

This is just a thought for now, but I am seriously considering it. I would be interested in tips and ideas to make it work successfully and for everyone. Maybe once a month or once a week or something. Maybe I could throw out a topic or key word or genre or something to keep it interesting.

This is for fun, and if your story interests someone, it may have them click on your link to your own site and have them wanting more from you!! I am not sure how I have managed it, but I have created quite a following in just a short time and would like to keep up the good work. ha ha ha

Please send me all of your input on this so I can form a better idea of what will interest you all. Thank you and I hope you have a great day!!